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Friday favorites: Anything odd?

This chipping sparrow seems to enjoy hanging out on the color chart near one of the cameras at Harvard Forest. We use the color chart to figure out what exactly the camera is seeing and how to automatically process the … Continue reading

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First week review

Season Spotter has now been underway for over a week and I’ve been delighted with the response. Thank you for your time and interest! After a few hiccups early on, you should now be having a fairly smooth experience. (Those … Continue reading

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Why phenology is cool

I have long been fascinated by the passing of the seasons. I grew up in Canada: winter was cold and snowy, spring was lush and green, summer was hot and humid, and in autumn the forest exploded in a riot … Continue reading

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Phenology in Panama!

After a Boston winter spent sorting through canopy images from the Neotropics — clicking past magenta cecropica flowers and long green branches drooping into the water — it was incredible to see the ‘barrocolorado’ PhenoCam camera from the other end … Continue reading


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Automated image processing

The PhenoCam network has more than 200 cameras taking pictures of landscapes every day. These are the images we’re asking you to look at in Season Spotter, because there is information in them that a computer cannot easily pull out. … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Tundra twilight

The PhenoCam network includes some cameras overlooking arctic tundra — areas that are typically too harsh to support trees. Instead these landscapes support small shrubs, grasses, sedges, moss, and lichen. This camera catches a slow winter sunset near Imnavait Creek … Continue reading

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Doing something about climate change

My name is Sandra Henderson and I am the Director of Citizen Science at the National Ecological Observatory Network in Boulder, Colorado. For the past 25 years or so, I have mostly been working climate change education projects and activities. … Continue reading

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A brief history of the PhenoCam camera network

I’m Andrew Richardson and I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. It was ten years ago that we first put a networked, digital camera – a “webcam” – on one of our … Continue reading

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Welcome to Season Spotter!

We invite you to join us in understanding how changing climate affects plants across continents. Who are we? We’re a group of scientists and educators at Harvard University and the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON for short) who are interested … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

Stay tuned to this spot as we launch later today!

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