Doing something about climate change

My name is Sandra Henderson and I am the Director of Citizen Science at the National Ecological Observatory Network in Boulder, Colorado. For the past 25 years or so, I have mostly been working climate change education projects and activities.

sandraThe other day, I got to thinking that if Will Rogers were alive today, he might comment that everyone talks about climate change but nobody does anything about it.

We know that is not accurate.  Legions of professionals, including scientists and engineers, have taken on the enormous task of better understanding (and even doing something) about climate change. Traditionally, members of the public — while certainly having access to media reports on climate change — have not been actively involved in research on climate change.

Season Spotter and other citizen science projects are changing all of that by engaging (and empowering!) individuals from all walks of life in furthering our understanding of climate change and its impacts. We know that great strides have been made in scientific computing. Even so, it turns out that humans are much better at tasks involving visual skills, reasoning, and especially pattern recognition.   In Season Spotter, we need your help in categorizing and annotating remotely sensed images from the PhenoCam Network.

I would like to think that Will Rogers would be pleased to see that folks from all over the globe are trying to do something about climate change. In fact, I like to think he would be a Season Spotter volunteer!

Thanks for taking the time to help us better understand how plants respond to changes in their environments by being part of the Season Spotter community.

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