First week review

Season Spotter has now been underway for over a week and I’ve been delighted with the response. Thank you for your time and interest!

After a few hiccups early on, you should now be having a fairly smooth experience. (Those pesky “already seen” banners shouldn’t be appearing. And you should be seeing a more diverse selection of images — the randomizer has been fixed.) There are still a few more minor things to iron out — thanks for those who pointed out my “latitute” typo — but we’re getting great data from your classifications.

In the first seven days, we’ve recorded 46,000 classifications! Of those, 36,000 are from the “answer questions” part of the project and the other 10,000 are from the “image marking” part. More than 5,000 people have taken part — with 1,400 of them signing in to Zooniverse to do so. As is the case for pretty much all projects, there’s great interest initially as people come to check it out, and then less interest over time.


Number of classifications per day in the first week of Season Spotter

But as time goes on, we find out who our real fans are. We can see from this next graph that the fraction of classifications done by logged-in volunteers goes up.


The fraction of classifications done by people who have logged in, each day for the first week of Season Spotter

In the first week, many people did just a few classifications. And a few people did many classifications. (One awesome Spotter did 554 classifications in those first seven days!) But the majority of classifications are done by the middle group of people — those of you contributing 3 to 20 classifications per day are the stalwart of this project. Thanks!


About Margaret Kosmala

I am an ecologist exploring the complex dynamics of plant and animal systems. I am especially interested in understanding how species communities change over time and how humans impact them.
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