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3 Unique Places, 3 Unique Fall Impressions

I am one of those people who anxiously awaits the changing of the seasons. Growing up in Wisconsin, I became accustomed to changes in temperature and vegetation with each of four very distinct seasons. Little did I know then that … Continue reading

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Wine for science

Some of the oldest and longest-running phenology records are those made by farmers, foresters, and… vintners. Wine grape harvest is closely tied to when the grapes ripen. And when the grapes ripen has a lot to do with climate. So … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: A touch of autumn

Throughout Canada and the northern U.S., trees are starting to change color. This image is from Tuesday at the Bob Marshall Wilderness, in Monture, Montana.

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Seedheads and cones

‘Can you see grass seedheads?’ ‘Are cones visible on the trees?’ These are probably the most difficult questions we ask on Season Spotter Questions. We ask these questions because the production of seeds is one of the key events in … Continue reading

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The cameras on the top of the world

Greetings, Season Spotters! This is Don Aubrecht, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard. Now that you’ve learned how we get cameras above the canopy, you might be curious what sort of hardware we are using. After careful study and experimentation, we … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Misty morning

The sun pierces morning fog, illuminating the tops of a boreal Jack pine forest. This forest is roughly 20 miles (30 km) south of Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada. Jack pines (Pinus banksiana) form fire-adapted stands of tall, lanky trees 30 to … Continue reading

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It was a cold, drizzly day — feeling more like October than August — as Morgan and I bounced down a rough dirt road for about 10 miles before pulling up at a set of glass-and-aluminum structures that look right … Continue reading

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