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Friday favorites: Maine colors

It seems like a late and long fall this year, with gorgeous colors throughout New England. This forest in Howland, Maine, hit peak color the second week of October – an event that usually occurs at the end of September.

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Biology teachers conference

Many professional societies hold conferences. Generally, attending a conference is a great opportunity to learn about emerging topics in your field, attend workshops, listen to presentations, view posters, and just spend time with others that share your interests and excitement. … Continue reading

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Modeling grassland growth

The phenology of deciduous forests is similar year to year. In it’s simplest form, modeling the influence of climate on phenology can therefore be modeled as discrete events, such as leave emergence in the spring. However, the appearance of leaves … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Fire and water

There are so many gorgeous fall scenes being captured by our PhenoCams right now that it’s hard to choose just one. It’s a great foliage year throughout the northern U.S. and Canada. Here is Lac Clair in Quebec, Canada, surrounded … Continue reading

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Initial results: Cones

Whether or not it’s possible to track cones on trees using the landscape images we have in Season Spotter is one of the questions that I’ve felt least certain about. It’s definitely possible to see cones on trees if you’re … Continue reading

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A year in northern Minnesota

Last Tuesday, John Latimer kindly had me on his Phenology radio show at KAXE in Minnesota. He really enjoyed the time-lapse animation I did for a site in New Hampshire. So I thought I would put one together that our … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Yellow on green

In Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada, tamaracks (Larix laricina) tower over their black spruce (Picea mariana) neighbors. Tamaracks and their sister larch species are one of the few groups of conifers that change color and drop their needles every … Continue reading

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