100,000 classifications!

We have reached 100,000 classifications on Season Spotter! Thank you all!

With this milestone, I have had a quick look at how all those classifications got made. About 75% of the classifications have been made in the Questions part of the project, with the other 25% in the Image Marking part. This makes sense since the Image Marking tasks take longer and we would expect fewer overall classifications as a result.

A total of 2,908 logged-in volunteers have participated, along with another few thousand (but not exactly countable) number of people who have participated anonymously. Of the logged-in volunteers, just 435 — or 15% — have tried both parts of the project. But I also see that most people have come to the project through the main Season Spotter webpage, which links to both parts. I guess many people come, try one part of the project and either forget that there’s another part or don’t even realize there are two parts to begin with. What do you think?

About 35% — or a little more than a third — of the classifications have been made by anonymous volunteers. That means the logged-in volunteers are doing the bulk of the work. And, as is true for most projects, some amazing and dedicated volunteers are contributing a huge amount.

I created some graphics to get an idea of how many classifications each person has done. In these graphics (called “treemaps”), the whole thing represents the total of all classifications. Each small colored square represents a single log-in name. This means that if you’ve contributed to Season Spotter, one of these squares is you! Bigger squares show volunteers who have done more classifications, and the smallest squares show volunteers who have done just 1 classification. The big square marked “?” represents all the classifications from people who were not logged in.

Here is the Questions part of the project, using all classifications until November 12.

questions_treemapAnd here is the Image Marking part of the project, using all classifications until November 12:

marking_treemapA shout out to our leading Spotters!

Silene: 1472 Questions classifications
jbh252: 1150
mvdijk: 966
astroboyOW: 759
reconron: 651
HaplessHero: 580
berndmartinson: 570
banjozmom: 428
Boleyn: 417
wouterlandzaat: 403
MT35: 379
Twicewidowed: 354
Iseeit: 318
danamdv: 276
Pedd123: 265
JBAlberts: 264
d_w: 241
jilly.hignell: 240
Roxxanne: 239
afiegel: 235

Roxxanne: 388 Image Marking classifications
cosminman: 330
JanetJaguar: 172
BlueWhovian: 161
portmaid: 152
d_w: 148
AnnikaC: 148
Phenoguy: 145
robertatpcc: 143
edebrigard: 129
adongen: 128
T-M: 125

If you want to check out how many Season Spotter classifications you’ve made, you can do so by clicking your user name in the upper right corner on the Zooniverse site and then choosing “Profile”. Below your name in the center of the screen, you will see “Recent comments”, “Collections”, “Favorites”, and “Your stats”. Click “Your stats” and you can see the number of classifications you’ve made on all Zooniverse projects.


About Margaret Kosmala

I am an ecologist exploring the complex dynamics of plant and animal systems. I am especially interested in understanding how species communities change over time and how humans impact them.
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4 Responses to 100,000 classifications!

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  3. Alexander_Hamsterton says:

    In my case, I’ve only done the question section because I usually classify from my smart phone, where marking is difficult.


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