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Friday favorites: The still waters of early spring

The still waters of Lake Crescent in early spring reflect the surrounding hills and mountains in Olympic National Park, Washington.

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Spring is just around the corner!

It’s been a really unusual winter, with almost no snow in the Northeast, and some incredibly warm temperatures. Last winter, at our research site in New Hampshire, the mean air temperature from January to mid-March was -8.5°C (17°F), and with … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Michigan spring

With all the different colors, it might look like fall. But this is a spring picture taken at the University of Michigan Biological Station in May of last year. Note the yellowish color of the new leaves as they unfold.

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Phenology from north to south

Hi again!  In my past few posts, I’ve talked about why leaf phenology is different in different places, including places further from, or closer to, urban areas, and different places within a single forest.  Continuing on this theme, today I’d like to … Continue reading


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Friday favorites: First leaves

Spring leaves start emerging at Bartlett Forest in New Hampshire.

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Launching Spring Challenge: Help Us Meet Our Goal!

Since our project started eight months ago, approximately 7,000 participants have made over 105,000 image classifications. And, although the project has come a long way, there are still many more images to be classified before our staff can begin to … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Green Alaska

Boreal tundra greens up in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

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Pairs of spring images

Spring is in the air. And for deciduous trees, spring means putting out new green leaves. Scientists still can’t predict with absolute accuracy the date that little green buds appear on trees, but they’ve figured out some of the things … Continue reading

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