Launching Spring Challenge: Help Us Meet Our Goal!

Since our project started eight months ago, approximately 7,000 participants have made over 105,000 image classifications. And, although the project has come a long way, there are still many more images to be classified before our staff can begin to use those classifications to address some important research questions. For this reason, we are launching our first ever Spring Challenge today.  

For this challenge, we are asking for your help to finish classifying the remaining 9,512 images of spring. Our current rate of classification is about 2,000 classifications per week, so it would take about 4 months to finish these classification with no push. With the Spring Challenge, we hope to get all spring classifications completed in a little over a month. Once all the images from spring have been classified, our group will then be able to start generating research findings from those classifications. This is when you get to see all of your hard work really pay off!  


Share our Spring Challenge logo! (#SpringSSchallenge)

To meet our goal, we’re going to need all the help we can get. Encourage friends and family to participate (one classification takes less than a minute!) and share information about the challenge via social media. You’ll continue to see updates posted on our project landing page, our Facebook page, and via Twitter (@SeasonSpotter). Thanks for all your continued support of our project! Click HERE to get started!


About acrall

I am an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on the development and evaluation of citizen science projects that support natural resource conservation.
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