Spring Challenge a Success!

thankyouWe wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in our Spring Challenge over the past month. Not just our volunteers but also our partners at SciStarter, Project Budburst, and the Zooniverse for helping us spread the word through social media, newsletters, and blog posts.

We launched our Spring Challenge on March 7 and ran it until April 4. With your help, we were able to classify the 9,512 images of spring (our initial goal) by March 23. A week and a half early! Being that it is currently fall in the southern hemisphere, we then uploaded our images of fall for classification to keep the momentum going. By the end of our challenge, we had reached 60% of our fall goal as well! During the entire campaign, we had 1,598 registered Zooniverse users and 4,008 unregistered users from 105 countries do 56,756 classifications. IMPRESSIVE! If you want to see how all these data from the spring and fall classifications will be analyzed, please read this earlier post by Dr. Kosmala. We will continue to provide updates on the analysis as it is completed.

Also, please note that Dr. Kosmala and two other researchers (Drs. Koen Hufkens and Josh Gray) from the Season Spotter team answered questions related to climate change, phenology, citizen science, and the Season Spotter project during a Reddit.com #AskMeAnything on March 31. To see the questions and responses, you can visit this site. It’s a great way to learn more about all the research being done by the team and how your contributions fit into the big picture. Again, thanks to everyone for helping us meet and go beyond our goal for this challenge!


About acrall

I am an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on the development and evaluation of citizen science projects that support natural resource conservation.
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