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Phenology from north to south

Hi again!  In my past few posts, I’ve talked about why leaf phenology is different in different places, including places further from, or closer to, urban areas, and different places within a single forest.  Continuing on this theme, today I’d like to … Continue reading


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Phenology and urban heat islands

Following my last post, I’d like to continue on the theme of why deciduous tree phenology is different from place to place. Last time, I discussed how phenology might be different over relatively small distances, like hundreds of feet, between … Continue reading

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Tree phenology: why is it different from place to place?

As the beautiful fall foliage of New England spreads across the landscape, you may be wondering a few things.  Such as, why don’t all the trees change color at the same time?  Or, why do trees in my neighborhood look … Continue reading

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Revolutionary and relevant

Phenology is the study of the timing of biological events. From butterfly migrations, to squirrel hibernation and springtime budburst, organisms take cues from their environment for when to begin different life stages. Temperature is one of the most important cues, … Continue reading

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