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Warmer temperatures allow plants to stay green longer in autumn

In September, I wrote a blog post about our research at the SPRUCE site in Minnesota, where a Department of Energy project is trying to answer the question: What effects will warmer temperatures and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide have on … Continue reading

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Human perception and autumn colors

This year seems to be the brightest and most spectacular display of autumn colors in a long time. But are we right in thinking so? We often perceive the world differently from it’s physical (absolute) reality. This is easily illustrated … Continue reading

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Autumn colors

It’s late autumn in northern New England, and this year the colors are beautiful. I spent last weekend with my family in the White Mountains of New Hampshire – we went for an afternoon walk, and I was amazed by … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: Maine colors

It seems like a late and long fall this year, with gorgeous colors throughout New England. This forest in Howland, Maine, hit peak color the second week of October – an event that usually occurs at the end of September.

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Friday favorites: Fall fireworks

A patchwork of reds, oranges, and yellows lights up Downer Woods Natural Area in Wisconsin. You may have learned that fall colors are the result of leaves losing their green pigment — chlorophyll. That’s true, in part. But for trees … Continue reading

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Tree phenology: why is it different from place to place?

As the beautiful fall foliage of New England spreads across the landscape, you may be wondering a few things.  Such as, why don’t all the trees change color at the same time?  Or, why do trees in my neighborhood look … Continue reading

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3 Unique Places, 3 Unique Fall Impressions

I am one of those people who anxiously awaits the changing of the seasons. Growing up in Wisconsin, I became accustomed to changes in temperature and vegetation with each of four very distinct seasons. Little did I know then that … Continue reading

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