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Jungle Rhythms: find the rhythm of tropical trees

This week I launched a new Zooniverse project, Jungle Rhythms, that aims to digitize thousands of pages of detailed historical observations of the life cycle of trees in Africa. Belgian scientists were stationed at the Yangambi Research Station in what … Continue reading


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Spring leaf unfurling as temperatures rise

Tree leaves are unfurling earlier with increasing temperatures, but this tendency is slowing down. That was the message of an article that came out recently in the high-profile science journal Nature called “Declining global warming effects on the phenology of … Continue reading

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Birds, Cones, and Climate

Some birds have very unpredictable winter ranges. One of these, the pine siskin, primarily eats seeds, and in many winters can be found throughout the boreal forests of Canada and the northern United States, where it eats the seeds of … Continue reading

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Revolutionary and relevant

Phenology is the study of the timing of biological events. From butterfly migrations, to squirrel hibernation and springtime budburst, organisms take cues from their environment for when to begin different life stages. Temperature is one of the most important cues, … Continue reading

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