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Season Spotter Jornada

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I have been intensely working on all the data you all have generated in Season Spotter and putting together a scientific paper. Thanks so much for helping out to get those fall … Continue reading

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Flowering in winter? It’s witch-hazel!

The witch-hazel genus (Hamamelis) consists of five species of deciduous shrubs. Three of these are native to North America, while two are native to the temperate regions of Asia. What is remarkable about these species is when they flower. The … Continue reading

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A first look at Season Spotter results

I’ve been busy these last couple weeks analyzing the 85,000 classifications we have received since Season Spotter began in July. And while we carefully designed the project to provide us with useful scientific data, it’s really exciting to actually see … Continue reading


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Can you see flowers?

In Season Spotter Questions, we ask you whether you see flowers a lot. Flowers are the reproductive parts of plants, and so plants put out flowers when they are most confident that the flowers – and eventual seeds – they … Continue reading

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Friday favorites: North Dakota blooms

Prairie flowers bloom at Oakville Prairie in North Dakota. One of the few undisturbed tallgrass prairie fragments left in the United States, it needs to be seasonally burned to retain its native plant composition. The flowers here look to me … Continue reading

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