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Spring Challenge more results

Last week I described some initial results from the Spring Challenge. I showed how we used individual classifications to build a dataset for a single site in a a single year. And we discovered that using paired images 7 days … Continue reading

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Is there snow?

In Season Spotter Questions we ask you about snow. Is there a lot or a little? Is it on the trees or just on the ground? These might seem like strange questions to ask. After all, snow doesn’t tell us … Continue reading

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Marking shifts in time-series

One of the tasks we ask you to do in Season Spotter (Image Marking) is to mark places where there is an obvious shift in the camera’s view over time. We do this by extracting the center vertical line of … Continue reading

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Automated image processing

The PhenoCam network has more than 200 cameras taking pictures of landscapes every day. These are the images we’re asking you to look at in Season Spotter, because there is information in them that a computer cannot easily pull out. … Continue reading

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