Season Spotter Jornada

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I have been intensely working on all the data you all have generated in Season Spotter and putting together a scientific paper. Thanks so much for helping out to get those fall images classified in time for the paper. I’ve been analyzing them yesterday and today and the data look awesome. More about autumn in a future post.

Meanwhile, we have another small task that would be great to complete soon. At Jornada (pronounced HOR-na-da) Experimental Range in New Mexico, there’s a dry grassland dotted with mesquite shrubs. A collaborator there has on-the-ground field data of when various grasses and the mesquite flower. We’d love to compare Season Spotter data with the field data to get a sense of how accurate the Season Spotter data is. Can we see flowers only when there are many of them? Or do we capture the whole flowering period?

We have Season Spotter Jornada images for most of 2013, 2014, and 2015, for a total of just under 1,000 images. This is peanuts compared to the spring and fall images, which had about 10,000 image pairs each. So hopefully we can zip through the Jornada images quickly. If you have a moment, click on over and classify a few. Thanks!



About Margaret Kosmala

I am an ecologist exploring the complex dynamics of plant and animal systems. I am especially interested in understanding how species communities change over time and how humans impact them.
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